Marinka Zitnik

Fusing bits and DNA

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Cancer Genomes Analysis

Article: ISMB 2015: Gene Network Inference via Data Fusion

Our paper at ISMB 2015 addresses a challenging task of inferring gene networks by taking into consideration potentially many data sets. Importantly, these data sets might be nonidentically distributed and can follow any combination of exponential...

Article: Bioinformatics: Gene Network Inference by Fusing Diverse Distributions

Our paper on Gene network inference by fusing data from diverse distributions has been published in Bioinformatics. We will present it at ISMB 2015 in Dublin. In the paper we describe FuseNet, a Markov network formulation that infers networks from a...

Article: Syst Biomed: Survival Regression by Data Fusion

Our recent paper in Systems Biomedicine describes a new computational approach that predicts patient’s survival time from a collection of heterogeneous data sets. This is the full paper of our award winning entry at CAMDA meeting at ISMB 2014, Boston...

Article: CAMDA 2014: Survival Regression by Data Fusion

I have presented at CAMDA 2014 an extension of our recent matrix factorization-based data fusion approach that couples data fusion with survival regression. CAMDA 2014 runs as a satellite meeting at ISMB 2014, Boston, MA, USA. Our presentation got...