Marinka Zitnik

Fusing bits and DNA

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Computational Topology

Article: Compressive Data Fusion and Persistent Homology

My talk at the Summer School on Computational Topology in Ljubljana, Slovenia was about coupling compressive data fusion methods with algebraic topology, in particular persistent homology. There, I discussed how the latent data space obtained by fusi...

Article: ACM XRDS: Exploring Data with Topological Tools

The Summer issue of ACM XRDS is here! This issue focuses on diversity in computer science. You will find columns about how to make the tech more inclusive, women in computing, self-teaching and how hip-hop lyrics can be used in combination with...

Article: Topological Concepts in Machine Learning @ACAT Summer School

I had a talk at ACAT Summer school on computational topology and topological data analysis held at University of Ljubljana. Abstract: Fast growth in the amount of data emerging from studies across various scientific disciplines and engineering...