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Fusing bits and DNA

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Information Retrieval

Article: BMC Bioinformatics: Extracting Gene Regulatory Networks from Text

Our paper on Sieve-based relation extraction of gene regulatory networks from biological literature has been published in BMC Bioinformatics. In the paper, we describe a network extraction algorithm, which is an improvement on our winning submission...

Article: ACM XRDS: Dynamics of News from The New York Times

New issue of ACM XRDS is here! The focus of this issue is on techniques for natural language processing in the broader sense. You will find interesting stories about how to detect influencers in social media discussions, how to successfully transition...

Article: Extracting Gene Regulation Networks Using Linear-Chain Conditional Random Fields and Rules @ACL 2013, BioNLP Workshop

This week Slavko Zitnik will present our paper (he is the first author) at ACL, ACL BioNLP Workshop on extending linear-chain conditional random fields (CRF) with skip-mentions to extract gene regulatory networks from biomedical literature a...

Article: Winning BioNLP Challenge 2013: Extracting Gene Regulation Network

I have recently participated in BioNLP Shared Task 2013 Challenge together with Slavko Zitnik and won the first place in the task extracting gene regulation networks. The goal of the challenge was to assess the performance of information extraction...