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Article: Fractal Dimension Computation Support in MF Library

I have always been fascinated by the world of fractals and have been deeply enthusiastic exploring the maths behind them. This post is announcing the support of the fractal dimension computation in the MF - Matrix Factorization for Data Mining...

Article: GSoC: MF - Matrix Factorization Techniques for Data Mining Review

Google Summer of Code 2011 has finished. On 22th of August it was firm "pencils down" date and today, on 26th of August, has been final evaluation deadline. Therefore, it is time for a small review to be published here on my blog. I successfully...

Article: What is the probability that the sun will rise tomorrow?

It has been some time since my last post, but here is the new one. Perhaps the title sounds a bit inappropriate, but indeed it is well suited. Read till the end, where I explain it for those not figuring it yet (or consider it a puzzle :)) So,...

Article: CG: L-Systems Fractal Generation of 3D Objects

One of the courses I attended this semester has been Computer Graphics (CG). I have spent some time studying algorithmic botany and especially L-systems, formal grammars for describing fractal objects. These can be used for generation of objects in...

Article: Recognized as Google Anita Borg Scholarship Finalist

Yet another great news concering my (little) involvement with Google. I have written few weeks ago about being accepted to the Google Summer of Code 2011 with the project on matrix factorizations techniques in data mining for the Orange platform....

Article: Part1: Matrix Computations Notes

Constrained LS Problems Subset Selection Using SVD Total LS Comparing Subspaces Using SVD Some Modified Eigenvalue Problems Updating the QR Factorization //  

Also labeled: Factorization

Article: GSoC & Orange: Matrix Factorization Techniques for Data Mining

This year I have applied for the Google Summer of Code, namely the Orange project. Will see if I will be accepted. :) Update 25.04.2011: Google has announced the results. My proposal has been accepted and am looking forward to start working....

Also labeled: Google, GSoC, Orange, Machine Learning