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Fusing bits and DNA

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Network Science

Article: Bioinformatics: Gene Network Inference by Fusing Diverse Distributions

Our paper on Gene network inference by fusing data from diverse distributions has been published in Bioinformatics. We will present it at ISMB 2015 in Dublin. In the paper we describe FuseNet, a Markov network formulation that infers networks from a...

Article: J Comp Biol: Network-Guided Matrix Completion

Our recent paper in Journal of Computational Biology introduces an interaction data imputation method called network-guided matrix completion (NG-MC). The core part of NG-MC is low-rank probabilistic matrix completion that incorporates prior knowledge...

Article: ACM XRDS: The Anatomy of a Human Disease Network

The Winter 2014 issue of ACM XRDS is here! This issue is on health informatics, which has received considerable attention both in research and general public in recent years. You can read about the opportunities of social media in health and...

Article: @Stanford University, Department of Computer Science

I am visiting the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University, CA, USA in Summer and Fall 2014. During my stay we will study the interplay between network analysis, data integration and biology. There are many exciting challenges one can...

Article: Gene network inference by probabilistic scoring of relationships from a factorized model of interactions

Bioinformatics just published a special issue devoted to ISMB 2014 proceedings papers that will be presented next month at the world's premier conference on computational biology -- ISMB 2014 in Boston, MA, USA. Our paper, Gene network inference by...