Marinka Zitnik

Fusing bits and DNA

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Article: IEEE TPAMI: Data Fusion by Matrix Factorization

We recently published a paper on a new data fusion method in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. For most problems in science and engineering we can obtain data sets that describe the observed system from various...

Article: CAMDA 2014: Survival Regression by Data Fusion

I have presented at CAMDA 2014 an extension of our recent matrix factorization-based data fusion approach that couples data fusion with survival regression. CAMDA 2014 runs as a satellite meeting at ISMB 2014, Boston, MA, USA. Our presentation got...

Article: ACM XRDS: Efficient Sensor Placement for Environmental Monitoring

The Spring 2014 issue of XRDS: Crossroads, the ACM magazine for students is about cyber-physical systems. My XRDS department contributed a column on efficient sensor placement for environmental monitoring. The column is about an important problem of...